We offer a variety of flower, as well as pre-rolls. We grow our own flower, so we know it was given proper care and attention from seed to harvest. We also carry concentrates like shatter, crumbles, and vape cartridges by reputable processing companies.


We carry a variety of edible products, from brownies to gummies. We also carry Rick Simpson Oil and distillate syringes.


Do you like tinctures or tonics? If so, we got you covered. We carry liquid products that can be mixed with other drinks or taken by the spoonful.



At Smokey Okie’s Cannabis, we take our role as providers of medical marijuana seriously. We treat our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. Come speak with one of our professionals and check out our huge variety of medicinal products.


At Smokey Okies’s, we do one thing and we do it very well: We sell marijuana, in the widest available range of high-quality strains and at the most affordable prices in Oklahoma. Whether you prefer to smoke it, eat it, or drink it, we have what you need. Our edibles and concentrates are second to none. Come down to Smokey Okie’s today and let our kind and professional staff help you pick the right medicine for your needs.


What Happens When You Smoke Weed

What happens when you smoke weed is an individual experience, and no two are the same. However, if you are amongst those who smoke weed for quite some time now but never cared enough to know what happens when you smoke, it’s time to change things now! The reason why...

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Hemp-derived CBD Vs Cannabis-derived CBD in Topicals

CBD is a hot topic these days. With the medical world embracing this cannabinoid medicinal property, consumers are left with a plethora of questions. One of these questions revolves around whether Hemp-derived CBD and Cannabis Derived CBD are the same? Which one is...

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6 Reasons Why Vaping is Better than Smoking

Vaping is a new phenomenon. Believe it or not, some people are still trying to figure out what vaping is? Why is it better than smoking? Vaping consists of obtaining active substances from dried herbs (i.e. weed) by means of heated steam, without burning. The first...

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