This is part 3 of our week-by-week series on growing marijuana in the Vegetative Stage using hydroponic methods.

In this Episode, you will see the following:

  • The benefits of using small pots for small plants
  • When to transplant into a larger pot
  • Tips for a good veg cycle


Start your clones in a small pot at first, and let them remain for a couple weeks

In the last article, we transplanted these clones into small, half-gallon pots. These plants have now been in these small pots for a solid week. We are now going to let them spend another full week in these small pots, before transplanting them again into a bigger pot.

We like using this two-step process with clones, of small pot first, bigger pot next.

The Benefits of Using Half-Gallon Pots

We like using half gallon pots for transplanting clones. This is a new practice for us, but we are finding much benefit to starting our smaller plants in smaller pots.

One reason is that having a small pot contains all the nutrient water into a small space around the plant. By containing all of the nutrient water to the space around the plant, the clone is encouraged to deepen its roots.

In a larger pot, the water will be dispersed over a much larger area. If you put a small clone into a larger pot, those little baby roots will be stretched thin trying to feed on water that is running away from them.

As you will see over the course of this series, we are all about base-building. Build a solid foundation first. And that is what we are doing here. These tiny little plants are building a strong foundation of roots from the center.

Knowing when its time to switch to a bigger pot

At some point, your plant’s root growth will be constricted by the small size of the half-gallon pot. This will also constrict the overall growth of the If the plant itself. If the roots can’t grow, the plant can’t grow.

These plants are not there yet. But in another week, they will need to move up into a bigger pot.

Next week, we will transplant into a larger, 3-gallon pot, just as these plants are ready to take off and start really growing.


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